Too Strong Female Sexuality May Be A Sign Of Disease

At sexual medicine clinics, male eroticism cases are very common, but very few women come for treatment because frequent and intense sexual demands are not met.

In fact, the reality is that many women suspect their partners of affairs due to a lack of sexual gratification, or spend their everyday life in a trance, completely unable to be productive. When this sexual arousal occurs too frequently, too fast and too drastically, it may be caused by a disease.

1. Menopause
Menopausal women have decreased ovarian estrogen secretion, but secretion of gonadotropin feedback is over active, so there is a strange rebound phenomenon that shows as eroticism. In addition, menopausal women are prone to manic symptoms, and may sometimes have suspicions about their partner for no reason. This mental disorder can cause reduced capacity to manage sexual excitement. No matter men or women, more than 60% of people have a tendency to eroticism.

2. Brain lesions
Brain lesions, especially on the hypothalamus portion of the brain or central parts, such as pituitary and gonadal lesions, can lead to excessive gonadotropin-releasing hormones, and induce gonadotropin increases. Pituitary lesions, when the anterior lobe promotes hormone secretion in excess, can cause increased secretions of sex hormones that exhibit as eroticism.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome
Patients with this disease have strong sexual desire, and sexual arousal is obvious. Clinical manifestations of the disease include irregular menstruation, obesity, hirsutism, acne or seborrheic dermatitis, and so on. Examinations can find that such patients do not ovulate, thus causing infertility; the patient may have multiple ovarian follicles. Infertility is not the greatest harm of polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, it can also increase the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, cancer, diabetes, abnormal lipid metabolism and cardiovascular diseases, and other metabolic disorders.

4. Thyroid disease
Hypersexuality may occur early in diseases such as hyperthyroidism. With clinically high metabolic syndrome of the cardiovascular system and other nervous excitement or hyperactivity, generally 10% to 20 % of patients exhibit eroticism, especially patients with mild hyperthyroidism.

5. Schizophrenia
This disease can cause loss of libido, but may also cause reduced capacity to control sexual excitement in patients suffering from paranoia, especially in the early stages.

Know When It Is Healthy To Take Off Your Bra

The bra can be said to be women’s close companion, but it can inadvertently give rise to no small trouble. Do not have it on all the time, there are times when you must take it off for better health.

Most women use a bra every day, those who can actively choose to give up bras are a minority, although it is more comfortable to do so. In order to obtain beauty, some people do not hesitate to go under the knife, wearing a bra is nothing. But the following are times when you have to say “no” to the bra.

First, when you sleep

Give your breasts freedom at bedtime. Eight hours of sound sleep gives breasts that have been bound for a day, an eight hour opportunity for blood flow. At weekend parties, you may need a supporting strapless bra; at the office, you may need a tight bra that helps you create a capable career woman image. At home, please let your breasts stay in its natural, most comfortable state. Experts recommend being bare-breasted at least one day a week for breast health.

Second, when you go on holiday

No other time gives you more reason to free your breasts. An un-bra bundled body will drive the spirit to relax as well. If the thin garment fabrics of summer mean you have to be vigilant, then you can fulfill the dream of free breasts in the remaining three seasons.

The pursuit of the perfect body is one of the reasons a woman cannot be relieved. Popular forces are so irresistible that it is difficult for women to not care about other people’s judgment.

Expert advise

Experts found that women who wear bras for more than 12 hours a day have a 21 times higher likelihood of breast cancer, than women who wear bras for shorter intervals or do not wear bras at all. Women who do not take off their bra at night have a higher possibility of more than 100 times. This is because bras clamp the chest, and affect normal lymph circulation of the breasts. With the passage of time, normal breast cells can become cancerous. The “sin” is not the bra, but the improper usage.

Wearing a suitable bra is most important. The American Cancer Research Center’s findings regarding the relationship between wearing a bra for long periods and breast cancer, are that long term wear of tight bras is adverse to breast health. The reason comes from two aspects, one is not wearing the right bra, the second is wearing bras for too long. A survey found that 80% of women in the world are wearing inappropriate bras. Those women who suffer breast disease from prolonged bra use have in all likelihood made inappropriate bra choices.

Sexual Switches Everyone Must Know

1. Lips and teeth

The action of running her tongue between lips and teeth is a strong visual that sexually awakens men. For men, cross-contact between lips and teeth – kissing – excites clear impulses, and their tongue begins its aggressive solicitation .

Women get the greatest pleasure from kissing. In fact, for female erogenous zones, men’s lips and tongue are strong stimulants.

2. Neck and ears

Stroking the neck of a man is a kind of vague hint, but men’s earlobes are a particularly sensitive area, so do not forget to kiss this corner. More than 45% of men admit their earlobes can arouse pleasure. Breathing and sweet whisperings are provocative.

Women’s sensitive ears will be used by almost every man with the desire to conquer. Wet kisses along the neck stretching from the ear to the hair roots, accompanied by the sound of heavy breathing, will shake a woman’s modesty and resistance.

3. Chest / breast

In most cases, men’s nipples erect in reaction to low temperatures or pain. So, for this area, men are more interested in caressing rather than to be caressed.

Ninety percent of the world’s women believe the status of breast caresses cannot be shaken. Remember that breasts are more sensitive before menstruation because of increased levels of estrogen in the breast tissue, so the response to strokes is more intense.

4. Abdomen

Reaching this site means that you are about to enter the main course. But do not rush down the road, whetting his appetite is good. 9% of men claim that stroking the belly and navel will bring pleasure.

The smooth belly below the navel stirs the most passion in men. Before the entrée arrives, enjoy an appetizer at the salad bar. The groin and the navel is also where women are eager to be caressed. 90% of women think they have too much belly fat, but only 2 % of men hold the same view.

5. Privates

Men may be occasionally scattered in emotional attention, but the pleasure center of the body is very concentrated. Thinking and judgment are confined to the upper body, while the lower body enjoys the pleasure of touch.

Fall Back In Love With These Sex Tips

Use the time available

Do not think of sex as something done only before you sleep at night. Change up the sex schedule , you can use the ten or twenty minutes before you get up in the morning, or head straight to bed after work for a quickie. Although this is not the same as more leisurely sex, it is very exciting, and can be emotionally satisfying for both parties.

Warm rocking chair-style

Deliberately put a chair in the room that only seats two. When you are free, sit and talk about your sexual experiences, or even experiences you have heard of or seen (e.g. videos etc.). Touch each other and inspire the tactile senses. The physical contact will arouse sexual desire.

Doing so does not simply cause sexual excitement, but is also a way to improve physical sensibilities. Touch can reduce the binding sense of sexual intercourse, change the same old method of sexual activity, and evoke a natural reaction.

Release then catch

One week without sex and many people may not care, but two weeks is an appropriate time to build up enough desire.

Therefore, you can make a homemade sex agenda. For example, pick a day of the week as a day for sex. During the week, the rules are that you cannot caress each other or even kiss, creating a tense mood in both parties. In the days of waiting, let each other’s need and desire for the other grow more strong. But this can only be done occasionally, too often and you may not have any desire to be together anymore, and you will do more harm than good.

Get a room

Marriage can come with tedious chores, and busy work takes up most of your time. How long have you not gone to dinner or watched a movie?

After work, make a date to watch a movie, and go to the cinema separately for a romantic encounter! Or go to an elegant restaurant, relax to soothing music, and have a romantic candlelight dinner.

If you want to escape the existing environment, go get a hotel room that makes you feel like the only two people in the world. This is luxurious, but a good dating environment will let you regain your first love!

10 “Bedroom Secrets”

1. Candlelight, moonlight change a woman
In a global survey of more than 6,000 women, 37 percent of women say sex is more enjoyable in candlelight or moonlight, because the special wavelength of candlelight and moonlight can make a woman’s skin look more delicate and rosy.

2. Men change positions just to please women
Not every man is keen to use a variety of positions in bed. In fact, they do it more to please women. Men are much less picky about positions than women. As long as there is no excessive muscle squeezing, they can use almost any kind of position to reach orgasm.

3. “Self-suggestion” makes women climax faster
Most women love romance. In bed, a woman’s “self-suggestion” is stronger. A 3-month follow-up survey found that 34 percent of women climax faster if they think about the beach, blue skies, white clouds, and other natural scenes during sex.

4. Busy during the day, release at night
The more women perform during the day, the stronger the need to release pressure at night. For women who omit sex due to fatigue, the craving will gradually accumulate and lead to collapse. So no matter how busy, take time out to spend the night with your partner.

5. Do not part after sex
When lovers part in the daytime, it feels like there is a future to look forward to, but when you say goodbye in the evening, especially if it is after sex, there will be a “permanent parting” feeling. Even though it is temporary, both parties will feel extremely frustrated.

6. Men see red and have sexual excitement; women see purple and have sexual fantasies
Men become sexually excited when they see red, while women may experience physiological fear due to its relation to menstruation. When women are intimate in the atmosphere of a purple room, their sexual arousal will be 15% higher than usual, because purple is similar to the color of human mucosa, allowing a woman to produce rich sexual fantasies.

7. Men desire sex most in the morning and in the fall
The degree of a man’s sexual desire is proportional to his male hormones. Every morning, androgen secretion is one and a half times more than that of noon, and 16% higher than that of the evening; while each year, fall is the male hormone’s most productive time.

8. The sooner men sleep after sex the better
Men’s cerebral cortex and neuromuscular are at their height, in a short excited state, during orgasm. This rapidly diminishes as the excitement dissipates, neurons are inhibited, and there is the urgent need to sleep. The sooner the inhibition of neurons comes, the stronger the body’s ability to repair. So the sooner a man sleeps after sex, the more excellent his physical condition.

Sexual Fails

Sex is essential for every sweet couple but unexpected things can upset a carefully designed romantic evening. For example, your partner has been travelling and is finally coming home. You dress up to wait for him, but he is unexpectedly called away as soon as he gets off the plane. There are many such things in life, and couples must try to avoid them.

Lack of foreplay
When sexual foreplay is lacking, the man cannot move the woman, and the woman does not respond with vaginal fluid for lubrication; if the woman cannot move the man, he cannot be erect. If at this time, the actions are rough, it will cause more resentment. Especially for people with no sexual experience or sexual trauma, it is likely to cause conflict and pain.

Solution: The purpose of foreplay is to make people physically and psychologically ready for intercourse, so that both parties reach orgasm more easily. In addition to traditional sexual foreplay like hugging and kissing, you can also try massages, dirty talk and so on. The sexual response cycles of men and women are not synchronized; usually the male sex drive is rapidly caused by visual or auditory stimuli, while women are relatively slow.

Noisy environments
Good sex needs a warm, tender, and romantic atmosphere. Imagine if there is noise outside the room, the bed creaks, or there are several generations in the same house, how can you arouse sexual desire?

Solution: A quiet and romantic environment is very important. Both men and women must be allowed to relax, be comfortable, and enjoy the moment. Women especially, because their sexual response is slower than that of men, are more vulnerable to the surrounding environment.

Drunken intercourse
Many people like to take advantage of alcohol when it comes to having sex. After drinks, they become dull and numb, which can prolong sex time. But as everyone knows, too many drinks and the quality of your sex life will be greatly reduced.

Solution: When you are drunk, it is difficult to correctly estimate the force exerted, and you might harm your partner. Also, although the excitability of brain systems is temporarily enhanced, sexual function is temporarily impaired.

After a busy day, tired out in the evening, many people still want to have sex, but it is difficult to achieve the best condition in this situation. Maybe there will not be strong erections, or ejaculations are weak, and a harmonious sex life becomes an unattainable thing.

Solution: If there is fatigue, sexual arousal and orgasms are limited. Over time, the difficulties may cause some people to grow weary of sex. Take a break before sex, or have sex comfortably in the morning.

How to ensure the quality of man’s sperm

Men’s semen quality may be associated with changes in the seasons

The semen of men suffering from infertility was analyzed over 32 months. Researchers found that sperm head abnormalities were common in the fall but not in spring. This is because, during the hot summer months, scrotal temperature is high. So come the fall, semen with such sperm head deformities is released. Increased sperm head defects may be associated with elevated scrotal temperature.

In summer, the proportion of immature sperm is higher than in other seasons, due to the heat. In winter however, sperm tail defects are common, so spring shows the highest frequency of sperm tail defects. Such sperm has poor motility, making egg fertilization difficult. Overall, the highest sperm counts were found in winter, followed by spring; sperm activity is strongest in autumn and winter.

More sun makes healthier sperm

Australian experts examined the blood of nearly 800 men suffering from infertility problems, and found that levels of vitamin D were below normal in nearly a third of them. Vitamin D plays an important role in improving the quality of sperm, and the sun is the main source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent among men who cannot make their partner pregnant.

Researchers analyzed an important factor in male fertility ─ sperm DNA fragmentation, and the results were astonishing. It was obvious that infertility is associated with cytotoxicity ─ amino acid homocysteine levels in the blood increase, while new healthy cells lack important folic acid. Men who made lifestyle changes and took vitamin D supplements saw their infertility problems significantly improve. We know that vitamin D and folic acid deficiencies are related to women’s infertility but the results of this research carried out on men is surprising.

In another study that tested 794 men, 58% had a higher frequency of DNA breaks. 100 men agreed to quit smoking, minimize caffeine and alcohol intake or completely avoid these two substances, lose weight, and increase their levels of vitamins and antioxidants within three months before the start of fertility treatment. The results showed that the majority of sperm quality significantly improved, 40% of men achieved clinical pregnancy, and 11% conceived naturally.

To nurture a healthy baby starts from the culture of quality sperm. These are some factors that affect sperm quality:

1. Smoking and alcohol
2. High testicular temperature
3. Obesity
4. Too frequent sexual intercourse
5. Diet
6. Sexually transmitted diseases

Is washing female private parts with water the safest?

There was a time when a variety of genital cleaning supplies appeared on the market, and women used them for the health of their private parts. Then, one often heard of female compatriots somewhere, washing with a certain brand of lotion every day, with vulva and vaginal drying as a result. After listening to these reports, one gets the impression that washing the private parts with water is the safest. Even if it does not make you well, at least it is not bad!

Advocates of washing with water do so in order to prevent disorderly use of medication, but this cannot be taken out of context.

Over a period of time, the practice of cleaning with water daily was widespread, and it became the routine cleaning dogma for many women, to the exclusion of all other private parts cleaning products. Experts pointed out: “The so-called water only advice is aimed at women who use medication without a doctor’s permission. In order to reduce the harm caused by disorderly use, we support the use of water.” The idea that you must use water only, and cannot use other cleaning products, is a misunderstanding of the intent of the doctors. It is just a lack of expediency in the correct cleaning products and methods in the market, and not a real solution.

Women must have a clear and correct understanding that routine cleans are of the vulva, and not a gynecological vaginal wash. In order to prevent the use of indiscriminate methods, especially in cases of self-medication that bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, professionals suggest that women use water. But this is not to say that other products are not to be used, such a view is one-sided.

The skin of female private parts has four characteristics: a lot of dirt accumulation; concealed parts means poor ventilation, and wearing jeans, leggings, and chemical fiber underwear lead to an even more sultry environment. A stuffy environment can lead to the infestation of a variety of bacterial secretions, which produces an unpleasant odor and can be dangerous. Moreover, the skin of the private parts is missing the granular layer and stratum corneum, and there are more abundant nerves and blood vessels. The pH value of its weak microenvironment is also different from other parts of the body, leaving it vulnerable to damage from alkali and other secretions of sweat. Water is not appropriate protection for such delicate and sensitive skin. Residual secretions would further damage the skin, and if you cannot remove the dirt, you cannot stop the development of bacteria further into the body. It can be said that a lack of private parts cleaning is the main cause of gynecological inflammation. So how do women effectively clean their private parts? Non-medicated lotions with conservative ingredients are a good choice.

Secrets of the female private parts

Here is knowledge that women must master – the areas that can lead to excitement, why regular sex is the best way to ensure a healthy vagina, etc.!

1. “She” is formed four months before birth
Genitals gradually mature at embryonic age, and eventually let the baby have its own gender. When the embryo is about 10 weeks old, if DNA has decided that it is a boy, the “little brother” and testicles will gradually form. If it is a girl, then it will grow a vagina.

2. Female private parts make sounds during sex
Vaginal sounds during sex are mainly caused by the way your companion enters. If he is always “whole body in” and “whole body out”, then inevitably air leaks in. When air is squeezed out from a relatively closed environment, it sounds like farts.

3. Female private parts itch
Dry skin, sweating, or thick clothes will make you itch or tingle. However, severe itching for durations of more than one day, or vaginal itching inside is not so simple. There may be a bacterial infection or other genital diseases.

4. Private part secretions average two tablespoons daily
The ovulation period is your hormonal peak, during which there will be about two tablespoons of secretions produced a day. The uterus determines the peak period. Secretions bring out aged cells and tissues within the uterus, and then a new uterus forms, so this is its self-cleaning mode. In the remaining non-ovulation days, your daily secretions only average half a tablespoon or so.

5. The first inch of female private parts is the most sensitive area
Although the 2/3 close to the cervix is an important part of female sexuality arousal, it is the beginning one-inch that is the most sensitive area for pleasure, because the nerve endings in this area are most densely distributed.

6. There is a happy organ in the depths of the female private parts
About 1 inch into the vagina, there is a small area called the G spot. To find your G-spot, explore slowly along the wall of the vagina with your finger. You will find a coin-sized region, with folds and smooth surfaces that feels quite different. Gently apply friction to this part and you will feel greatly aroused sexual desire. Continue stroking and you will quickly reach orgasm.

7. Women’s private parts can cope with a large visitor
The vagina becomes larger with increasing libido. The vaginal wall is like a pleated skirt. When sexually aroused, these pleats will open, so the diameter of the vagina is up to 2 or 3 inches wide. It can then stretch a further six inches. If “he” is not big enough, the vagina can automatically adjust in size to bring you the most comfort.

8. Some things can really stick to female private parts
In case tampons or condoms “disappeared” in the vagina, do not panic. They do not swim to the womb, or travel to other organs of the body, because the vagina is a closed one-way street.

Tips to keep a vibrant sex life

Sex between couples may slowly begin to dull with time. Imagine you are going to work, pedestrians rush past on the road and you suddenly see a pair of lovers radiating an atmosphere of happiness. With hands clenched together, the air around them is filled with their beautiful sweetness. How do you feel? How can you maintain a relationship full of passion? View the techniques below.

Encouragement and praise is the most important
When men and women just fall in love, they are bound to praise each other’s advantages. As the relationship grows more fixed, the initial heat drops and people do less of this kind of thing. Even though both people are still very enamored of each other, they no longer speak words of praise and encouragement aloud.

When sincere praise and encouragement is lacking, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise for each other brought will be greatly reduced and as a result, the emotional connection becomes weak.

Therefore, you must support and encourage each other. Regard your partner as a laudable object. Men especially are proud, tell him about his good social skills, unknown small habits that fascinate you, or his fit body.

Example: Every time Carin saw her boyfriend wear a suit, she would tell him suits look best on him, or she would tell him the shape of his lips is very sexy. “When I say these things, his whole person seems apparently refreshed”. The beauty of praise is that it is infectious. Give him encouragement often, and he will get used to looking for your bright spots, and giving you encouragement and appreciation.

Say what you want
Example: Nana hated that her husband goes directly to sleep without holding her. Whenever he forgets something, she would get angry, not sleep well, or even malinger and cry. Her husband would keep asking her, where are you uncomfortable?

Many women can relate to Nana, hoping their husband or boyfriend will be super-perceptive and make their favorite romantic move without explanation. However, people with such perception of the world are really rare. If your man knew you were waiting for him to decipher you, it would make him laugh and cry.

In a good relationship, this guessing game of the heart is resolutely rejected. The most stable, deep love has no barriers communication as a basis. What you need, what you are anguished about, should be said directly. Silent sulking will make your partner confused and depressed, and easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

Harmless habits can be ignored
After living together long-term, a couple’s personal habits and quirks will be displayed in front of each other. Living together is a test of your patience. Maybe he whistles every morning while getting ready for work, or maybe he always throws used towels on the floor. No matter how strange the habit, a wise woman should choose to ignore it all. You will soon discover that closing one eye on these little things is definitely a positive thing for your relationship.