Satisfy With Her Service

Last week was at setapak area doing something. While waiting for things done suddenly this OKT came into my mind. Ring her up n she said there’s 3 tomyam available. Straight went to her condo to mirror. All looks acceptable to me except one of them a bit short. Choose one of them then the game start.

Firstly, she bath with me slowly and gently cleaning every inch of me. Then I lay on bed n she cb me from head to toe while my hand explore every part of her. Boob not that big but quite firm with pinkish nipples. Nice to see nice to suck too. Fussy with nicely shaven hair…..she moan while I play with it, even louder when I insert my finger into it…..

She gave me a nice bj…suck n lick both my ball bearings for 10 minutes. Then she capped me n ride on me for 5 minutes. Can feel her fussy kinda warm inside. Then change to missionary n I bang her till I cum.

Overall, am satisfy wit her service n will try the other 2 asap when free.

My first Time

My first one, got her contact through a friend. Set an appointment. Met her at her apartment in Setapak.

When first arrive at her house, I’m quite surprise it turn out to be milf. Since this is my first time, then just get into her house. have a quick chit chat before went into her room. take off my shirt (fully naked) and she start with massaging me. She gave a very good massage especially when come to urut batin. Almost cum when she urut my didi. But she well trained to urut batin. love it.

Then after finish with urut batin, she do BBBJ. but she is not a good sucker. no deep throat and doesn’t really enjoy that moment. after that i quickly asked her for DATY. Clean and no KY. licked her and she moaning like crazy and it is real.. and the water that came out from her pussy.. A LOT.. and she really love DATY. during this session, she cum twice, and the water that come out very very soupy. fuhh.. then she keep asking me, faster go in… hehehe, but i keep licking her ass.

Once I saw her cannot take it, a put on CD, then i start FJ her.. moaning like crazy.. fuck her for 15 minutes, she cum during this time before i cum.

I have went to her house for a couple of time after that because i love to DATY her… so wet.. not so much on FJ (FJ just to get cum). I have done unlimited FJ with her

Super Nice GFE

Hey bro, kinda try this chick last night. Been trying to get her for a while coz busy with final exam and so on. A chat mate intro us and was surprise to hear she was doing this part-time to get some pocket money.

Pick her up at her place n head back to the hotel which have booked earlier. Yes I have planned very detail for this meeting. She quite the hottie! holding hand all the way to the room. started with some light kisses. she looks very inexperience but her lips was so warm n soft. super nice. GFE was great, hugs n caressing before the action starts. my hands n didi cannot take it already, then i start undressing her.. she told she like slowly so bro’s that r rushing might got a sudden mood change lor. soft kissing and undressing begins. ass n boobs kinda small but just nice for her slim body. head to shower then abit of action in the bathroom where she grabbed my didi and started to BBBJ on it. it was ok but the way she do it makes me more horny lar.. she do it n started looking at u.. DEM hot man.. with those big eyes of her’s.
after a while i xtahan n straight ask for a doggie. did it in front of the bath room mirror start to pump. she’s already wet!! ask her if she put ky earlier she said no. she said she’s very sensitive. pump her and her pussy is tight bro and her juice is literally dripping. she looks like being raped or something in the mirror but Super HOT! best doggie i had so far.

move to the bed and cont wit cowgirl. the a few other position. but she’s not so experience yet. did a missionary and unload on her tummy then clean up. she doesn’t do CIM n CAS so a bit down lor.. chit chat and cont again. another doggie coz she said she liked it. Moaning yes but very slow lar.. she’s kinda holding it that’s why looking being rape every time I FJ her.. but kinda cute and hot at the same time.. haha..

after all the action went down for supper then send her home.. had a nice DFK in the car n she said she’s horny again but too tired dy.

Reddish Skin And Very Cute

I like to be a silent reader, but this time I just want to share how happy I am.

This mp only provide B2B. The mamas offer me for C2C, I answered “wow, new service”? She reply no, and said she will service. I denied and laughing.

And then I say I want to choose. She said all girl working. But i said i want to see it first. And she call the girl but All of them cannot catch my attention. And i request for no.2. She said she already go back to Vietnam. Then I request again, I want no.25. She said 25 is working and have to wait for an hour.

Suddenly the little angle come from outside. She not smile but she is very cute. The skin is reddish. I said I want her.

Skip… after shower.. inside the room. I laying on the desk. And she start the process. Massage little bit and suddenly she hug me from behind. She kiss my ears. And she said she want to slow slow doing it to me. She kiss all over my body. My body keep shaking because the feeling is to good. I feel in heaven. She take a long time kiss my ears and neck. I feel very steamy.

She ask me to turn my body. And then my didi turn up first. I saw a perky tits. Wow.. what a nice tits. With beautiful Asian body and cute face. Exactly same as japan av idol.

She put her breast to all my body. She caress my body and whispering to me.. the massage turn to be so erotic. My body keep shaking. She kiss my didi like a girlfriend. Slow and romantic.

She caress my face with her tits. I cannot hold anymore. I hold her face and kiss like girlfriend. She smile. She like it. She not reject. We don’t do dfk, but light kiss everywhere.

And then she going to my didi. She suck it and stuck. Her mouth is full. She cannot take all long my didi. Her mouth is too small. I feel tight mouth on my didi. She suck slowly and romantic. I feel that time i want to keep her as my girlfriend.

She do the job for 40 minutes. And my time will end. We changed the position to 69. I do my part. The pussy is very clean. Actually i kiss lightly. But the looks is to attractive. I suck the clitt like no tomorrow. I feel my cum want to unload. She stroke my didi very fast with moaning.. splurt… i cum.

Give a hug.. give a kiss like couple.. and she want to met me again. Last word from her… you handsome.

Nice Body And Very Nice To Hold

Got this girl contact through a friend. I SMS her few days later she reply me. Immediately set up a meet and pick her up from her place in Setapak. Now she has moved to Wangsa Maju.

Went straight to a hotel and begin action. Nice body and very nice to hold. Small-ish tits (for me, I’m a boob lover) but other than that, beautiful everything else. Nice Mohawk shave down south.

FJ was outstanding. She will yell, moan, and scream if you’re doing it right. First round done after 20 over minutes. Watch TV and relaxing while both naked, and she was sleeping on my chest. She woke up after a while and ask if i can teach her anal. Another weakness of mine, huhuhu.

Apply baby oil (I always carry, hehehe) and slowly made her ass submit, doggy style. So tight, I came in 5 minutes. After that just too tired. She was still very horny. She managed to wake lil’ brother up and went cowgirl. Third shot, aiyo. After that we go together and chit chat. Finally, I sent her home and reached home with knees like jelly.

Big boobs

Yesterday story…I went to the hotel and greet by Amy, one of the girl. Big boobs but a bit short for me, she was tall and sexy. so i picked her.

she come and greet me and pull me as if im her long lost boyfriend. as soon as we enter the cubicle she starts to kiss me and hug me. I like the way she start things.. then she ask if i want to shower first or straight. I was a bit sweaty that time so i said why not just shower first. Both times i went before, i got a room with jacuzi but don’t know what happen it seems to have some renovation being done, the room i get have no shower and we have to go to a bathroom. inside there, we kiss and i played with her nipples and finger her pussy. she was really relax and let me do what i want. after shower we went back inside.. while she walks we me towards the room, she cuddle me and we are like lovers. really good gfe. then she asked me, wants to fuck first or massage first. I like to play and tease first, so i asked her to massage me first.. while massage i roam free my hands and try to grab what ever i can… she was playful too.. she sometimes comes near me and kiss my cheeks and lips.. that makes me even hornier. after massage, B2B. i was like cannot take it already, turn my body and now shes on top of my cock. DFK. kiss and kiss. Awesome kissing.. then i finger her pussy while sucking it.. she was moaning but as usual, i do think they make the sound but i dont give a fuck. i like it like that. after playing with her pussy for sometime, i want to fuck her.. she puts on the CD and i enter.. slowly first then fast.. then doggy, after that back on top.. about 10 minutes i felt like already wants to jizz but a bit loss to release early. so I pull out and hold it.. doggy again and then about 2 minutes cant take it. Opps…..release it, she lay beside me and cuddle. kissing some more. then i go shower again. inside shower we kiss some more. i soap her again. then I pay and go. WILL I RETURN? yess.. for her and also other girls. shit writing this also makes me horny again. hahahha

Slim Girl With Great Boobs And Curly Hair

Feeling restless last night, so I went online to check out some websites. One intrigued me with its acrobatic stunts.

Had some trouble finding the place because they took down the signage, but fortunately I had the OKT’s hp and called to confirm. I was seated and served tea. After a while, he pulled the curtain and there were 3 girls with number tags. I didn’t like any of them so I waited for the next preview.

Pulled the OKT aside and asked him which one he recommended. He pointed out to one slim girl with great boobs and curly hair. I took her immediately. Full service.

Went up, stripped and got into the shower. Lay on my stomach on a rubber bed. She cleaned me up with soap first and then ‘scrubbed’ my body with her tit massage. Was at full mast when I lay on my back and she stroked my didi with her boobs.

Back in the cubicle, she started with the catbath and AR . After that was the fire and ice BBBJ. Her mouth felt great with the warm water.. one of the best BJ’s I’ve experienced. I wanted a 69 but she disallowed me to touch her. Its still fun watching yourself getting a BJ with a pussy in your face though.

Then came eye opening acrobatic stunt. She hung herself upside down with red cloth from a ceiling bar and gave me a BJ. She then spun around to deliver a sensational twisting BJ like a helicopter. With another set of cloth, she suspended herself and gave a nice boob massage. Very skillful !

For the highlights, she capped me and hung herself from the ceiling. I entered into her wet hole standing up. For the next pose, we did doggy with an exercise ball supporting her. Not so comfortable. Finally was doing missionary and exploded. Wish we had done it longer though.

WIR? Certainly. With an eye opening show and wonderful service, its great value for money.

First Time With Squirting Abalone Feel

Went to this B2B from a friend. went in, okt ask if I am new customer. He recommend me there’s 1 girls that I don’t have to go japan to get a fountain abalone. WOW that was so excited.. first time can try squirting abalone.

Booked her and her face is sexy for a milf. So went in room, chat chat. very good gfe feeling. Den i undress, she straight hold my half hard cock and say wow!! later sure very powerful, hahaha i say not true later will know.

Den proceed to clean up, wash everything and she ask me lie down on bed face down. SOP massage , no AR. Den proceed front massage. and start BBBJ. good suction .. straight fully hard liao. Den she use fire and ice . keep on like 10mins.. till I cannot hold it, I told her to stop and proceed to fj.

So start with missionary, withing 20sec only, she start to squirt the first time. Warm juice flow all over my lap. Den i keep pumping with my hard cock, i can feel when she squirt. The dickhead suddenly felt very hot, and den it pushes ur dick out from the hole and u see the squirt again. Was so stim, keep pump and pump and pump, she squirt and squirt and squirt.

Den she cowride me for 5mins with few squirt, den i change position to doggy. When doggy, i keep thrust her till max full speed, i can hear the water like go to sunway lagoon ,shhusshh, shuusshh,. then take rest awhile, i tired already. She lay on me, lick my nipple and keep playing my didi.

moments later my didi revive, so change CD and proceed reverse doggy.. after like 5-10mins squirting, this time i manage to release all . Phewws finally i can feel my leg shaking. After release arleady, my dick still inside her , den chat chat and hug awhile we go clean up. Paid her tips den go home as a happy man. I will confirm back for her every time i went this place. Best squirting experience .. better then ah ling from kepong.

My first Double Fly

My first Double Fly. Initially I only call up for No.2. So went up to wash. The moment I lie on a big bed, she help me clean. Rub your body with salt also, not bad service. While washing, we chat a while, then she ask me did I try double fly before? I said nope and she ask me if I want to try. She told me I can become a KING!! Well, is my first time , I answered why not? But the price I need to pay is double up, so she call her sister to join.

Went in room , dry up, take a smoke, then her sis come in (No.3). Not bad, slim, tall, boob solid. So they ask me lie down face down. Both she start her job, one start lick my ears, neck, shoulder, the other use hot water lick my ass and leg. Den keep sucking my ass .The No.1 keep AR me, use her tongue keep cucuk my asshole I feel wonderful !

Change position, face up now. No 3 licking my nipple, No.1 sucking my balls, the sucking is damm good! No.1 keep usin hot water BJ me. Den No.3 change position. She climb up a steel bar like that, use rope , upside down and BJ me with a twist, while No.1 Suck my balls. I tell u , if u guys low stamina, sure release liao. I just keep enjoying their stunt lying down, enjoying how they suck my dick and balls at the same time. Den change position, they ask me stand up. While stand up, No.3 BJ me from front, No.1 AR me from the back. I almost pancut for the 2nd time but i hold on to i. Bout 20mins later, is time to FJ.

No.3 hanging on the rope while i fuck her, while No.1 keep AR me on behind. While i fuck no.3 , No.1 keep tell me dont so fast release coz she want me to fuck her. So after awhile, i fuck No.1 , while no3 keep sucking my nipples and playing my balls. I was so siok until i forgot to ask no.3 to suck my balls. After 15-20mins later, i tak tahan liao , pancut all. No.3 ask me why i so fast release!

While No.1 cleaning the room, No.3 accompany me to wash up. While washing up, No.3 say she still not enough. Since my didi still hard, i grab her from behind, without cap this time, fuck her a few times. But just a quick 2 -3mins only. I told her im tired and no more sperm to release liao. She laugh and ask me next time find her again.

After clean up, went back room to put on clothes, No.1 ask why so long, and we both keep laughing . Went down , paid 300, and that was my 1st BEST Double fly.