Very Friendly And Make Me Feel Comfy

Got this contact for quite a while, but at last decided to go for it, since I heard good about her.
Wassap, and got the deal, around evening time. Went up hotel to meet her, greeted me with sweet smile, and talked2 like old friend.

Very friendly and make me feel comfy. So after few minutes chit chats, then we start.
She undressed me and starts kissing n licking all over man. Then DFK, very nice, and her tongue was like everywhere.

After that gave me an awesome BBBJ, and then asked me whether I am ready.
This is the best part, she asked me to kneel in front of her face (she was lying down) and with the CD between her lips, puts it on to my didi, just using her mouth. That’s awesome.
1st she started with CG, and rides really well, after few minutes, I asked for doggie, Wow the ass is so nice to bang u know.

Then few minutes we go to missionary, and she was good and I think I’m gonna blow off.
I said I’m quite near, and then she asked wanna come in that position or CIM? I was feeling high in that position at that time and said, just like this. So I blew my load in her (with CD of cos), and she hugged me good. Phew. Just had to have a ciggy after that, luckily she did not mind.
Needed SM time to gather my senses back, chit chat a bit then she asked if I wanted another round. Too bad, coz I said I blew off quite a lot just now, and I think I’m exhausted, and she smiled.
Went to the toilet and wash, put my clothes back.
There a few minutes more to chill but, I had to go as i had parked my car SM place that aren’t cheap by the hour, haha.

So I said I got to go, said thanks, and gave a kiss on the lips. Very sweet and welcoming girl. Overall experience is really good.
Will I return? Definitely