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Mystery is Sexy

To become a sex goddess takes some thought, because being sexy is not about being naked and exposed, it is a mysterious, playing hard-to-get charm that makes a man draw infinite associations, and stimulates their inner passion. So, how can a woman be sexy?

Temptation stockings
Black stockings and lingerie that shows off a woman’s curves is sexy. In front of him, gently put aside your skirt and slowly strip off your stockings, exposing soft skin. And then with your back to him, unhook your bra as he watches, so he will want to see more. Figure out a good rhythm and movement.

Sexy feet
If you have a pair of beautiful petite feet, do not forget to take advantage of them, whether in high-heeled shoes or barefoot. Sit across from him when putting on your shoes, and grope his legs with your feet. Or take off your shoes and gently stroke his lateral thigh, and then inside, with your toes.

Text teaser
Not with him? Do not worry; you can still let him think about you. Send him a message like “tonight I want to roll in bed with you,” or secretly add a line like “just the two of us at seven tonight” in his work notes. He will look forward to coming home and seeing his sexy woman.

Sometimes, pull a crazy one. Go out for dinner but do not take off your coat, and do not tell him why. When he finally finds out that you are wearing nothing else besides your coat and shoes, all he will think about is the image inside your coat.

Give him privilege
Satisfy his vision and desire, and give him the right to pick your underwear. As long as he dares to buy it, you dare to wear it. When he looks at fashionable sexy lingerie, he has already put you in it in his dreams. Why not ignite the passion?

Inadvertent interference
When the fuse of sex is accidentally ignited, the sparks will be dazzling. If he is sitting on the couch watching a movie, lie in his lap, take his hand and gently kiss each finger, while looking at him.

Unexpected tease
In a crowded environment, private acts can have an unimaginable aphrodisiac effect. Your chest is a weapon. Lightly rub his arms with your soft chest. In the crowd, only you know the intent of this action. But in public, you need to repress your excitement and there is a surge in intimacy.

Face-focused love
The next time he wants to shave, you can volunteer to help. Standing in front of him wearing sexy lingerie, carefully and intently shave him. The performance will no doubt move and fascinate him.

Moves to make him want you

If your man does not want to make love for long periods of time, there may be three main reasons:
1. He is gay;
2. He has lovers outside of your relationship, or there is no lover, but there are one-night stands, or he has lost interest in you;
3. Decreased sexual function.

In the first case: You cannot change his sexual orientation. You need to look at your own situation to decide what to do. If maintaining the family structure is the most important, you will have to stay in a sexless relationship and pay the price. Some women are naive and think that they must surely be better than a man, or that they can change things. This is wrong. In the eyes of a gay man, woman will never be more attractive. Sexuality cannot be changed, no matter what external forces are applied.

For the second case: If you two have been together for years, and are very familiar with each other, there is no novelty at all. A lot of the pleasure of sex is gone, and there is no attraction. Over time, the disinterest will increase, resulting in the aforementioned results. Men are curious and enjoy a sense of mystery in their partner. This generates suspense, and sex is more fun. Maintaining some reservations and mystery is necessary to keep things fresh.

Also, many men find it difficult to stand up to the temptations of the outside world; their hearts cannot stay with one woman only. Men with families have a sense of responsibility, but that does not block sexual attraction or a restless heart. Many women do not understand how their usually honest, noble, elegant man can do “dirty” acts. It is based on the exigencies of sexual attraction.

For the third case: There is nothing to be said when there are medical reasons. If he is not over 50 years old, try not to take medicine. You can make him do more exercise, and his diet should not be too plain, as men need more meat. If he is 50 or more, he can take medicine.

Generally, the principle is to let him feel the strong pleasure of sex with you, so he will not have other ideas.

Practices are as follows:
1. Do not let him see you naked straightaway, tight underwear will produce sexual arousal.
2. Do not volunteer often, men do not cherish something they get easily, but do not reject his initiative.
3. When having sex, try to make him achieve maximum pleasure, this is the most important point. A man will not forget, and may continue to fantasize about it later, so it is necessary to learn some skills that address the needs of your man.
4. Be more aggressive when you are having sex (this is different from the initiative mentioned above). Grab him and pleasure him.
5. Pay attention to your dressing, leave an impact on him and the impulse will follow.

Wearing the right underwear during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the growing belly bulges and slowly stretches, so it often feels itchy. Plus, pregnant women see an increase in vaginal secretions. In this period, they should choose permeable, absorbent, soft and warm, quality cotton underwear, so there will not be skin irritation or rashes. Using underwear with smell and bacteria resistant material can also reduce maternal health problems.

In general, about 40% of women have vaginal mold, but as long as there are no conditions to make them grow rapidly, it is harmless. However, when infected, in addition to genital itching, it causes a vaginal burning sensation and increased secretions, with odor and color, or even a cheese-like appearance.

Early and late in pregnancy, influenced by the sharp increase in hormones, vaginal discharge increases and women are more susceptible to infection. Left unchecked, it may affect fetal growth and development, but the treatment of fungal infection is a tricky thing. Even if the physician gives full treatment, mold on the patient’s underwear will form spores that can withstand harsh environments, and are difficult to remove by washing. These can later cause repeated episodes of infection. Therefore, pregnant women should pay more attention to keeping their perineum clean, and frequently change their underwear to prevent infection. If inadvertently infected, they should see a doctor immediately.

Choose underwear size according to belly circumference
Women need to go by their changing abdominal circumference and hip size when buying underwear during pregnancy. You can also buy underwear with adjustable waist buttons, which can be worn throughout the whole period of pregnancy. As for style, many pregnant women choose high-waist underwear, but there are more and more fashionable mothers who prefer the low-waist briefs and even thongs, to match popular clothing.

Focus in the various stages of pregnancy
Early pregnancy: fitting underwear with the proper support.
Mid-pregnancy: warm underwear that wraps the abdomen, hips and buttocks, to prevent cold.
Late pregnancy: underwear with good absorbency, and smell and bacteria resistant material.

Underwear that is commonly used in pregnancy
Abdominal underwear has the ability to cover the stomach and protect the mother’s abdomen. The waistband covers the area above the navel and has a warming effect. The elastic waist belt can be designed to self-adjust with the body at different stages of pregnancy. Elastic material over the abdominal area can comfortably expand to accommodate a progressively larger belly. Hip-wrap designs help maintain the hip line during pregnancy. Then there are the mid-waist and flat pants styles, which are easy to match with clothes.

Secret Love Switches

Identify the erogenous zones and increase your pleasure.

Neck and ears
Stroking the neck of a man is a kind of vague hint. Men’s earlobes are a particularly sensitive area of sexiness; do not forget to kiss this corner. More than 45% of men admit their earlobes can arouse pleasure. Breathing and whispering sweet words are provocative. Almost every man with the desire to conquer will use women’s sensitive ears. Accompanied by the sound of heavy breathing, wet kisses stretching along the neck, and up from the ear to the hair roots will shake a woman’s modesty and resistance.

Chest and breasts
For men, the interest is more in the woman’s breasts. A woman’s breasts are sacred, ninety percent of women around the world believe the status of fondling the breasts cannot be shaken. It is important to take note that breasts are more sensitive before menstruation, because increased levels of estrogen makes breast tissue closer. When stroked, the response is more intense.

When you reach this site, it means you are about to enter the ‘main course’. But do not rush further down; pausing to whet his appetite is good. The navel is not just the legacy of our early life, 9% of men claim that stroking the belly and navel brings pleasure. The smooth belly below the navel is the subject of most men’s imagination. The groin and the navel are also sites where women are most eager to be caressed. 90% of women think they have too much belly fat, but only 2% of men held the same view.

Men may be occasionally scattered in emotional attention, but the pleasure center of the body is very concentrated. Thinking and judgment happens in the upper body, while the lower body is for the pleasure of touch. Do not think only women need special comfort, at particular moments, men need it too.

In addition to content conveyed by the eyes, another important part that men find sexy is strong buttocks. 80% of women admit that men’s well built buttocks is sexier than his skin color, height, voice, etc., and it is often in a woman’s imagination. The chest area aside, more than 90% of men believe that women’s hips convey information. Forming a very important semicircle in the S curve, the buttock is the part of the body that most men desire to rub.

Inner thighs
The thighs and chest are similar for a large number of men who find it ticklish. So, the attention paid should vary with the individual. Sometimes men attend to this site in the hopes of moving lower as soon as possible. Pinch here and you will feel sore because of the concentration of nerve endings. So it is regrettable if you forget the inner thigh. The claim that women have erogenous zones throughout the body is strongly supported.

Alcoholic Beverages

At festival celebrations, relatives gather and alcohol is often the protagonist. Less thick-skinned people can find themselves with glass after glass in hand. Alcohol can bind with the protein of a class of K + ions called GIRK, on neuronal membranes. This releases the valve to dopamine, endorphins and other happy hormones, so that people do not need to get through a hard struggle to be in a wonderful, joyous state of mind.

Very few people know healthy drinking safety limits
In a health survey, only 24.5% of respondents believe that male adults should not drink alcohol exceeding 25 grams a day, while the daily limit for women is no more than 15 grams. Some people say that a small amount of moderate drinking can promote cardiovascular health, but blood pressure decreases for a short time only. In the long-term, alcohol can increase blood pressure. With excessive drinking, blood pressure is significantly higher. If average daily alcohol consumption is more than three standard drinks (one standard drink is equivalent to 12 grams of alcohol, or about 360 grams of beer, or 100 grams of wine, or 30 grams of liquor), systolic and diastolic blood pressure increases by an average of 3.5mmHg and 2.1mmHg respectively. Blood pressure rises with increasing alcohol consumption.

Hangover after getting drunk
If you cannot avoid drinking alcohol over the holidays, how can you minimize the damage on your body? Drink less, and drink good wine. Most people turn red, their ears feel hot, heartbeat is rapid, and they have a headache, or sometimes feel flustered after drinking. This is because alcohol causes blood flow to accelerate, and increases the heart rate. After getting drunk, completely avoiding a hangover is impossible, but the choice of appropriate food or drink can ease the damage and restore health, relatively speaking.

Eat foods rich in vitamins B and C when drinking
Once it enters the human body, alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and duodenum, sent into the bloodstream, and detoxification and decomposition of alcohol happens in the liver after. It is finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and produces a large amount of energy. In this process, the liver consumes large amounts of vitamins B and C to break down the alcohol. So, when feasting at holiday parties, eat foods that are rich in these two vitamins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, potatoes, and so on. The best choice is relatively simple foods, cooked with less oil. Some of these vitamin-rich foods are best eaten raw, like lettuce, radishes and cherry tomatoes. In addition to meat, foods like legumes are also rich in B vitamins, such as grains porridge, rice and beans, and so on.

Women’s Hidden Sex-Sensitive Areas

Sexologists say a woman has up to 50 sensitive spots.

1. Hair and scalp
Many women have shared that when a man’s fingers inadvertently brush over their hair and stay a moment on their scalp, they experience an enchanted feeling. The head is where the soul is; it is also a place of sensibilities. When a lover flicks through your hair and scalp, it is as if your mind is briefly hypnotized and in that moment, you feel relaxed and calm.

For his information: The scalp is a very sensitive area. Wrap your fingers in her hair, use your fingertips to touch her scalp, and massage the scalp. This will make her spinal nerves tremble. You may also touch and kiss her hair, or even bury her head and let her breathe in your scent. The massage process makes her feel relaxed and peaceful, and narrows the distance between you. No wonder women often use a variety of beautiful hairstyles to attract men!

2. Ears
Professor Neill Todd from the University of Manchester found a wonderful physical connection between sex and big noise, which is mainly due to a site called sacculus. Rock concerts, dance clubs, roller coasters, and other activities will stimulate this area, and cause an immediate need to release pressure in the body. No wonder there is hallucinations of falling in love in disco clubs with music. This part controls your appetite and libido. In other words, the more this area is stimulated, the more intense the desire (of course it needs to be controlled within a certain range, and each person’s ability to feel sound in the sacculus varies with different personalities). When sex moans reach up to 90 decibels, this site will react, and you will feel more desire. Men and women like to hear moans because it can stimulate sexiness.

For his information: When a woman is unsure, kissing this site will quickly excite her. Lean in and whisper in her ear, then touch, lick, kiss, blow or suck on them. You can even reach in her ear with your tongue. This will definitely cause her to tremble. Take her to the occasional concert or disco, and get hot together with the music.

3. Eyelids
As early as the 1950s, studies found that the eye, especially the lower eyelid, is a very sensitive area. In a research report, the eyelids were on par with the penis, clitoris, and nipples as the most sensitive parts of the body.

For his information: Before she gets up in the morning, kiss her eyelids and she will feel a different kind of excitement and joy. As a nice surprise, lick her eyelids when her eyes are closed. Start in the middle and then move to the two sides; be careful not to bump them with your teeth.

4. Lips
The sensitivity of this part is more self-evident. There are a lot of ways to kiss but in simple terms, there are two types of kisses. The first one is the gentle kiss, while the second is firm with pressure.

Try More Calcium and Vitamin B12 to Get Pregnant

Experts have stressed the need for nutritional balance during pregnancy, so can long-term vegetarians get pregnant? Can long-term vegetarianism affect women’s fertility? Lets analyze one of the more common views.

View: Long-term vegetarianism affects ovulation and menstruation
The many studies on vegetarianism’s effect on female fertility have produced interesting conclusions. One trial divided healthy girls into two groups; one group ate all vegetarian foods, with the addition of eating a small amount of cheese and milk; while another group ate normal food. At the end of a six-week weight loss program, the researchers found that among women who kept a vegetarian diet, 78% appeared to stop experiencing the physiological phenomenon of ovulation, and almost the whole group’s normal menstrual cycle became shorter. But in the normal diet group, 67% of women ovulated normally and there was no significant change in their menstrual cycle.

Analysts believe that, if the participants’ weight fell by the same magnitude and their exercise conditions were the same, the group of vegetarian women stopped ovulating because the food they ate contained too little protein, resulting in hormone disorders, and in turn menstrual cycle disorders. So, one can infer that vegetarianism can cause reproductive dysfunction, or even seriously affect reproductive capacity.

The likelihood that long-term vegetarianism reduces fertility
Although not a lot of urban women are vegetarian, a lot of people will try to eat less meat, and eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain good bodies. Is there a relationship between pregnancy and long-term vegetarianism? Is a lack of fat in the diet really detrimental to fertility?

People are omnivores; even vegetarians need some animal protein. Meat and vegetables are the best nutritional balance, which also sets conditions for the child’s birth. Long-term vegetarianism may reduce fertility for three reasons:

First, animal protein is very important for fertility. The nutrients most needed for the manufacture of sperm and eggs is taken from animal foods, so eating only vegetarian foods may adversely affect sperm and eggs. Secondly, a vegetarian diet may not be conducive to the secretion of sex hormones, which play an important role in the reproductive process. Cholesterol is an essential raw material for the manufacture of sex hormones, and cholesterol is mostly obtained from animal foods. Insufficient hormones can affect ovulation. Also, meats are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B12, pure vegetarians lack these nutrients easily, and this has far-reaching effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

Long-term vegetarianism accelerates aging
People who do not eat meat are more likely to suffer from skin inflammation. Some make-up artists have revealed that some of their vegetarian celebrity clients have a different degree of skin inflammation. Our body fat is an essential component to enhance the brain. Appropriate intake in daily life can improve antioxidant effectiveness, and thus help prevent the appearance of skin inflammation.

Breast Lumps That Do Not Hurt

Case: Recently, I found a small lump in my left breast. I was advised to go to the hospital, but it does not hurt or itch, so does it matter? Should I only worry about a problem if I feel pain?

Expert Answer:
You are wrong. Clinically, the more painless the lump in the breast, the more attention should be paid, because painless breast lumps are just one of the features of breast cancer.

Inflammatory and proliferative breast lumps will be accompanied by pain. The former is often accompanied by relatively severe breast pain, while the latter is often accompanied by premenstrual breast tenderness.

There is usually no pain or discomfort in the early stages of breast lumps associated with breast cancer, so they are often already big when discovered. Only later is there local skin ulceration and pain. Tumors often have the singular, hard, and poor activity characteristics of malignancy.

Fibroadenoma lumps have no pain, often occur in young women, and can show in multiples. The mass is regularly round and active, with tough texture and clear boundaries. Diameter generally does not exceed 3 to 4 cm, and skin ulceration hardly occurs. These are the important differences from malignant tumors.

When you find there is no pain associated with breast lumps, you should attach great importance and see a specialist doctor as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis.

Related: Periodic self-care
When breast lumps are found, many people choose to “tolerate” or “drag it out.” The reason being that many women do not want to expose their body in front of strangers, especially a male doctor. In fact, breast self-examination is not too difficult, and can easily be mastered with some professional guidance. You can avoid embarrassing scenes and more importantly, detect any breast abnormality and seek treatment early.

For premenopausal women, breast self-examination is generally recommended a week after menstruation, because that is when the breast is the most soft and glandular tissue thin, so lesions are easily detected. Pre-menstruation and during menstruation, there is congestion and swelling of the breast glands, which can affect the results of inspection. After menopause, or with women who no longer menstruate due to surgery or drugs, you may fix one day each month to perform breast self-examination, so it is easy to remember and control.

Breast self-examination generally includes visual inspection and tactile inspection.

Five Mistakes That Lead To Men’s Derailment

Women can make mistakes that lead men to derailment!

One, a woman who is too homely is not a good thing, the family belongs to two people, and both people should work together to operate it
Everything you think and do is for him and the children. Over time, the whole family responsibility falls to one person, and he feels that is normal. If one day, you want to ask him to do something for the home, it causes a reaction.
Prescription: Share the family responsibilities, including the housework and chores, and assist and support each other.

Two, sharing economic power is essential
In the past you may have heard him say that his total salary is not enough for his own use, so you do not ask for a part of it. Later, he is not conscious of the cost of raising a child, because he never sees that there is too little money. At critical times, you are able to borrow money, and pay back the money, without his help. Since someone at home can provide money, it is fine to use his money for other pleasures.
Prescription: Even if a man earns less money, and what he can give is less than what is taken away, you must have knowledge of where it goes. Otherwise, while the woman works hard to save money and support the family, others will be there to spend it lavishly. Speaking from an economic aspect, a woman must always have some money of her own.

Three, couples should raise children together, single parenting is undesirable
Most mothers are consumed with their child’s basic needs and learning. Dads go to work every day, with time to socialize signs. If he feels that nobody cares at home, he goes out to look for comfort.
Prescription: Do not forget that he is the child’s father, and doing things for the children is justified. Letting him spend time with his children is better than having him spend time with anyone else.

Four, stay pretty and healthy
Your body is capital, which must be cherished. You must take care of yourself well, because if you do not love yourself, how can people love you.
Prescription: Restore your health first, and dress yourself well. People naturally feel a lot better when they feel beautiful.

Five, do not be too concerned about in-law relationships
There is an old saying that in-laws are the natural enemy.
Prescription: Even if you do not get along, and the in-laws love to play games, let them play. Do not react or respond or there will be more trouble. Ignore them and their tricks, and they themselves will feel bored and stop.

With all these changes, couples can stay together. Knowing how to love yourself is the most important thing for a woman.

Expert Advice on Saving Your Sex Life

Derailment rate is the highest in the information and engineering industry
According to a survey of 11,453 people, the ratio of people who are looking for partners outside their relationship is the highest in the engineering and information industry. The industry ranked fifth in a similar survey in 2010, and has risen every year since.

Two professions most likely to produce derailed men
In life, people often live very simply, it is usually work, eat and sleep. So, men who have no time to spend with their partner because of work, will have a significant risk of derailment. For example, they may be white-collar workers who often have to work overtime at night, travel frequently, or only return home once a month. The vocational nature of the information industry and financial sector in particular, works like that.

Difficult to stay in control on a business trip
There is usually some goodwill between two people who work together. Plus, on a business trip, you do not feel the constraints of your familiar environment and, like a fish released back into the sea, the indulgent heart is out of the cage. This is the most dangerous time.

Rich men turn bad
Successful men, after obtaining material needs, will have time to pursue the so-called spirit of enjoyment. In the process of pursuit, they will inevitably encounter an emotional experience. Then, it is difficult to remain in control and derailment is possible.

Thirty-year-olds more likely to have affair
According to a survey, women are most likely to have an affair in their thirties, when married for less than 5 years, with a child under 3 years of age. These women are mostly teachers, full-time working moms, or in the medical industry.

For these women, there are two types of derailment. One group is like men, they are not satisfied with the status quo. They find solace mostly from coworkers and friends, and some will develop to the point of divorce. The other group will consider various factors, make an effort to save the marriage, or silently endure a depressing life without feeling.

How to save a relationship
Couples must continuously enrich their relationship. The most basic is finding a bright spot in your partner in ordinary life, and try to let it attract and move you. This is the most effective way to maintain mutual feelings. If you enjoy each other, the relationship will not get tired. Second is to create a space for each other, so you always keep your relationship fresh. This is the smartest way to keep the passion alive, so you will be attracted to each other forever, and never get tired.