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Secrets of the female private parts

Here is knowledge that women must master – the areas that can lead to excitement, why regular sex is the best way to ensure a healthy vagina, etc.!

1. “She” is formed four months before birth
Genitals gradually mature at embryonic age, and eventually let the baby have its own gender. When the embryo is about 10 weeks old, if DNA has decided that it is a boy, the “little brother” and testicles will gradually form. If it is a girl, then it will grow a vagina.

2. Female private parts make sounds during sex
Vaginal sounds during sex are mainly caused by the way your companion enters. If he is always “whole body in” and “whole body out”, then inevitably air leaks in. When air is squeezed out from a relatively closed environment, it sounds like farts.

3. Female private parts itch
Dry skin, sweating, or thick clothes will make you itch or tingle. However, severe itching for durations of more than one day, or vaginal itching inside is not so simple. There may be a bacterial infection or other genital diseases.

4. Private part secretions average two tablespoons daily
The ovulation period is your hormonal peak, during which there will be about two tablespoons of secretions produced a day. The uterus determines the peak period. Secretions bring out aged cells and tissues within the uterus, and then a new uterus forms, so this is its self-cleaning mode. In the remaining non-ovulation days, your daily secretions only average half a tablespoon or so.

5. The first inch of female private parts is the most sensitive area
Although the 2/3 close to the cervix is an important part of female sexuality arousal, it is the beginning one-inch that is the most sensitive area for pleasure, because the nerve endings in this area are most densely distributed.

6. There is a happy organ in the depths of the female private parts
About 1 inch into the vagina, there is a small area called the G spot. To find your G-spot, explore slowly along the wall of the vagina with your finger. You will find a coin-sized region, with folds and smooth surfaces that feels quite different. Gently apply friction to this part and you will feel greatly aroused sexual desire. Continue stroking and you will quickly reach orgasm.

7. Women’s private parts can cope with a large visitor
The vagina becomes larger with increasing libido. The vaginal wall is like a pleated skirt. When sexually aroused, these pleats will open, so the diameter of the vagina is up to 2 or 3 inches wide. It can then stretch a further six inches. If “he” is not big enough, the vagina can automatically adjust in size to bring you the most comfort.

8. Some things can really stick to female private parts
In case tampons or condoms “disappeared” in the vagina, do not panic. They do not swim to the womb, or travel to other organs of the body, because the vagina is a closed one-way street.

Tips to keep a vibrant sex life

Sex between couples may slowly begin to dull with time. Imagine you are going to work, pedestrians rush past on the road and you suddenly see a pair of lovers radiating an atmosphere of happiness. With hands clenched together, the air around them is filled with their beautiful sweetness. How do you feel? How can you maintain a relationship full of passion? View the techniques below.

Encouragement and praise is the most important
When men and women just fall in love, they are bound to praise each other’s advantages. As the relationship grows more fixed, the initial heat drops and people do less of this kind of thing. Even though both people are still very enamored of each other, they no longer speak words of praise and encouragement aloud.

When sincere praise and encouragement is lacking, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise for each other brought will be greatly reduced and as a result, the emotional connection becomes weak.

Therefore, you must support and encourage each other. Regard your partner as a laudable object. Men especially are proud, tell him about his good social skills, unknown small habits that fascinate you, or his fit body.

Example: Every time Carin saw her boyfriend wear a suit, she would tell him suits look best on him, or she would tell him the shape of his lips is very sexy. “When I say these things, his whole person seems apparently refreshed”. The beauty of praise is that it is infectious. Give him encouragement often, and he will get used to looking for your bright spots, and giving you encouragement and appreciation.

Say what you want
Example: Nana hated that her husband goes directly to sleep without holding her. Whenever he forgets something, she would get angry, not sleep well, or even malinger and cry. Her husband would keep asking her, where are you uncomfortable?

Many women can relate to Nana, hoping their husband or boyfriend will be super-perceptive and make their favorite romantic move without explanation. However, people with such perception of the world are really rare. If your man knew you were waiting for him to decipher you, it would make him laugh and cry.

In a good relationship, this guessing game of the heart is resolutely rejected. The most stable, deep love has no barriers communication as a basis. What you need, what you are anguished about, should be said directly. Silent sulking will make your partner confused and depressed, and easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

Harmless habits can be ignored
After living together long-term, a couple’s personal habits and quirks will be displayed in front of each other. Living together is a test of your patience. Maybe he whistles every morning while getting ready for work, or maybe he always throws used towels on the floor. No matter how strange the habit, a wise woman should choose to ignore it all. You will soon discover that closing one eye on these little things is definitely a positive thing for your relationship.

What are the different needs of men and women at age 35?

The first change: Sexual strength
In traditional societies, girls go through a period of “blindness” before gradually adapting to and enjoying sex. But often, with pregnancy, breastfeeding and managing a busy household, she is over the age of 30 when she has enough time, energy, and desire to put in to her sex life. Then, with her girly shyness gone and the man’s “cards” made clear, the natural libido that social culture has long suppressed spews out.
Men are the opposite. His sexual peak is during adolescence, after that it is mostly flat, then gradually decreases after the age of 35. Faced with the vigorous sex drive of middle-aged women in their “second spring”, men feel more powerless.

The second change: Erogenous zones
A young lad’s erogenous zones are just about only one, which is the penis, so they are always eager to insert it and start moving. Girls on the other hand have erogenous zones throughout the body. In addition to the commonly known clitoris, vagina, nipples and inner thighs, varying girl-to-girl, even thick-skinned meaty areas can be vulnerable, erogenous zones. A considerable number of young women have strong reactions as long as the surroundings of sensitive areas are subject to appropriate and adequate stimulation. This is a significant difference between men and women.
With age, a man’s physical strength and sexuality gradually slow down, and the penis also becomes less sensitive, so he can seem “lazy” in sex. In order to cover up the embarrassment, he needs stimulation that starts from the periphery of the body, then gradually concentrates on the center (penis), and finally sexual intercourse. Over time, the sensitive area will extend from the center to the periphery.
Middle age women are the opposite. With the full deregulation of body and soul, increasingly short preparation time is needed for sexual intercourse. They demand more intense stimulation; therefore feeling is concentrated directly to the clitoris, the vagina, or a few other parts of the body.

The third change: Idea of sex
There is a saying: “By nature, men achieve love through sex; women achieve sex through love.” There are no less than five kinds of relationships between sex and love: sex without love, first sex then love, sex and love at the same time, first love then sex, asexual love. Younger men more easily believe in the first few, younger women are more likely to believe the latter few. With age, men no longer believe in “suaveness in bed.” Similarly, a woman’s sentiments change to: “How can he say he loves me without sex.”

The familiar sequence of sex

First touch
Women like it when a man touches her hand gently. The touch hints at more, sends waves up to a woman’s heart, and she wants to be held and kissed. If at the time, the man is shaking with fear or nerves however, women will not like it. Rather, they will find it somewhat annoying.

The second step of action
If the woman does not resist that first touch, and suggests that the man take her into his arms, the action must be fast. Hug her tight and press your bodies together as if you are inseparable. Women like to feel wanted so strongly. While caressing her, soft groans from time to time let women know that the man has put in his emotions, and has started brewing inside. You can hold her, touch her breasts and genitals, and let her feel you. Foreplay before intercourse is a rule that couples should follow. The aim is to enhance both parties’ sexual stimulation, the sublimation of sexual excitement, fully preparing them physically and mentally to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.

The third step is to kiss
The kiss must have heat, be soft, long and deep, and lively, to stir up a woman’s feelings. Generally, the man’s tongue should be in the woman’s mouth, touching her tongue alternately slow and fast. Sometimes, kiss with your lips for a while, or turn your head to change the angle. By then, many women would not be able to stand, and the man can hold her and sit down on the bed or sofa. As you continue to kiss, when the woman’s hand moves toward the lower part of the man’s body, she is up close and her body heat is hotter, the woman’s libido is very strong. When you cannot resist, start to take off the woman’s clothes. The man’s actions should be gentle, do not stop and do not evaluate the woman’s clothing, otherwise the woman’s emotions will be affected.

Step four, stay firm
At this time, the man should not take his pants off yet. Continue kissing her while using both hands to touch her breasts. Gently grope her breasts first, then put all the emphasis and concentrate on the highest point.

The fifth step, blend
Men can begin to enter the general action of intercourse. One of women’s favorite positions is sitting on the man, face to face; entering from behind is also good.

The sixth step, after the play
After the enjoyment of sex, the man should not rush to sleep. At this time, the woman has just come down after high tide, and is hoping to get your gentle touch or hug. This will enable women to have more fulfilling psychological satisfaction, so men should not underestimate it.

What kind of sleeping position fosters intimacy after sex?

We tend to attach importance to the bed, and emphasize the bedroom atmosphere, while almost completely ignoring sleep positions. Your sleeping position reflects your sexual satisfaction, so what kind of position says you are very satisfied with the sex before?

Position: When he insists on sleeping with your faces close together
Analysis: After sex, you still enjoy lying face to face together, and you maintain this position until you fall sleep. Even when both people have unknowingly “loosened the tie”, he will subconsciously face towards your direction.
Sexual satisfaction: 95%
Congratulations, no other position is sweeter than this. Many people know that this style of sleeping face to face, nose to nose is sweet, but you are sharing inbound and outbound air. He enjoys the touch of your bodies so much that even your exhaled breath is accepted. He is completely obsessed with your person, and is willing to pull out all the stops to show his male glory. For this moment at least, he does not want to leave your side.

Position: When he puts his arm as a pillow for you
Analysis: You nestle in his arms, or you wrap yourself around him like an octopus, with arms circling his neck, chest or waist.
Sexual satisfaction: 60%
Psychoanalysts believe that men who like to have women nestle in their arms or sleep on their shoulder, generally have a strong sense of self-awareness and machismo, so he must like to be the dominant party in bed. While this seems like a very heroic sleeping position, it often does not allow you to sleep comfortably. Your weight on his shoulder and upper arm can impede blood circulation, and cause pain after some time. But they like to have the physical and psychological satisfaction of being a hero.

Position: When he holds you from behind
Analysis: Like a pair of shrimp, he holds you from behind so his chest is close to your back, and you can feel each other’s heartbeat and body temperature. This position is suitable for bedtime chats.
Sexual satisfaction: 80%
It has been said that, although the heart is the center of people, it is not in the middle of the body, so no matter whom you hug, you cannot really be “soul mates”. But when you hug another person from behind, two hearts really fit together. The initiative to hug another from behind represents protection, to embrace with love and care. Also, this “shrimp” style of hugging makes the body’s largest areas of both people stick together. Compared to face-to-face hugging, people are more relaxed this way and sleep better. His sexual satisfaction is quite stable, he is more willing to consider your feelings, and will not be easily frustrated because of the occasional mismatch.

From a health perspective, more than 25% of people are in the habit of sleeping on their right side, because that does not oppress the heart. There is a sense of stability as you sleep, and you will not be oppressed by each other’s weight so every part of the body relaxes.

Do you know when a woman’s sexual desire is most strong?

The first stage, spring time for estrogen is days 1 – 6 after the menstrual period (calculating with an average of five days in the menstrual period), or days 6 – 11 of the menstrual cycle. At this stage, like the restlessness of spring when all the world’s plants and creatures are bulging with a variety of impulses, all cells are beginning to split at an accelerated pace. The pituitary gland secretes the female hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), to stimulate and wake the female from a deep sleep.

Having just gone through a “bloody” campaign, some perhaps even experience dysmenorrhea, women may be more inclined to chat and gossip with girl friends. Men should not try to wake the “sleeping beauty” in a hurry, but instead slowly cultivate his partner’s “sex”, and gently and gradually warm her desire.

Female hormones? Hot
The second stage of female hormone distribution happens 7 to 12 days after menstruation, i.e. days 12 – 17 of the menstrual cycle. This is the hot summer season. At this stage, the female brain secretes LH (luteinizing hormone) that will cause ovulation, so women’s sexuality is maintained at a high level all day. The female energy is most exuberant at this time.

Men can now happily enjoy the six days. If you like, you may try more aggressive or sultry sex positions, and increase the sexual atmosphere with sex toys.

Female hormones? Sloth
13 – 18 days after menstruation, i.e. days 18 – 23 of the menstrual cycle, female hormones are in the third stage. This stage is like a bleak autumn season. Women feel easily tired in body and spirit, and enter a drowsy period. This is because ovulation is complete and the level of estrogen in a woman’s body will soon decline, while progesterone levels begin to rise, reducing women’s libido.

During this time, men pull back on “summer” activity. Love is not maintained by libido alone, and he should accompany his partner and appease her irritable mood.

Female hormones? Cold
After the lazy autumn is the advent of the fourth stage of the female hormone, which begins 19 ─ 24 days after menstruation, or day 24 onwards of the menstrual cycle. The winter season blows a cold wind on sex. At this time, estrogen and progesterone will disappear, and irritability, depression, frustration, and other negative emotions hit the woman like an avalanche. Men should observe their partner’s emotions so as not to cause unnecessary conflicts.

But do not mourn, because testosterone (male sex hormone) in the female body is mixed with a downward trend in female hormones, which generates a burst of sudden impulses in the woman before the “holiday season”. Intimate contact at this time is often a shattering peak experience.

Is a Woman’s Cup Size Proportional to Their Degree of Happiness?

Just as one gets used to C and D cups, and an F cup is still the stuff of imagination, you see H-cup bras at the lingerie counter. H is currently the biggest bra cup on the market. Five or six years ago, a woman with D cups was rare and buying a bra meant a long search for her, but it quickly fell from the top to become a midrange size.

Happiness is in proportion to cup size?
In a “bust and happiness index” survey of 500 women between 30 to 40 years old, the results show: Women with A-cup busts had a 37% divorce rate, the B-cup bust divorce rate was 16.3%, C-cups had a 4% divorce rate, while D-cup women had a divorce rate of less than 1%.

Some think that big cup sizes give men a sense of security. Many such women tirelessly upload close-up shots of themselves to the Internet and gain fame. Then there are many less busty women who are regarded as lacking in femininity, which has contributed to the thriving of augmentation products.

Women are bold in their “capital”
In addition to better nutrition, development and other factors, women’s increasing boldness is an important factor in growing cup sizes. There was a time when women felt shyness and not pride in their bust. They were uncomfortable letting a stranger at the lingerie counter help take measurements of their bust points. So, women who should have worn a B, C, or even D cup, wound up wearing an A for many years.

Now, customers are more willing to accept personal services, and nine out of 10 women who go to the store pick lacy and sexy styles.

A, B, C, and D refers to cup size, while full cup, 3/4, and 1/2 is about cup shape. At the moment, the most popular style is the 3/4-cup, because of its shaping effect, followed by the 1/2-cup.

Valued “business line”
Are women who wear sexy bras fighting for their career? An actress’ exposure of cleavage can be helpful for career development; hence the cleavage is called a “business line”.

A deep V “business line” is just one concern of contemporary females
In the workplace, there are a lot of dedicated and strong women. Tall, beautiful woman are often more favored by their seniors, but they must also have a brain.

Ultimate bra decryption
Under the bra lies a woman’s second most important sexual characteristic, but can cup size really affect a woman’s marriage? The answer lies in a woman’s self-confidence. If a person has low self-esteem issues, whether her breasts are large or small, it can lead to interpersonal alienation. Moreover, sex is rarely the main reason for problems in a marriage.