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She did the fire and ice bbbj

ok, texted the okt for the first time… seems very friendly and helped me to rsvp 025 for 8pm session. very young but face to face she looks hot and mature).

Reached maluri hotel around 7:45 and called the okt and after 5mins texted me with 025′s room number.. im like wtf im already hard down there… rush up and knocked on her room.

When she opened the door i thought i entered the wrong room, asked her if she is 025.. she replied yes with her cute voice and a wide smile on her face (sexy!). She’s wearing a black tight blouse … couldnt resist i went to give her a tight hug and a gentle kiss on her cheek and she returned my kiss.

She then took me for a shower and asked if she can bbbj be in the shower (WTH yes ofcourse!!) . As normal procedure she did the fire and ice bbbj… couldnt resist i told her to end the shower and proceed to dry ourselves.. she smiled.

After drying ourselves.. she starts licking my body, suck my nipples with her hands playing with my balls, capped my didi afterwords … slowly thrusting my didi into her pussy (tight !!) . She rides on me for around 10 mins and told me to do a missionary post so i did. Well i usually do it slowly but she asked me to be rougher, bang her as hard as i could. Her moan seems real and after another 10 mins she told me she already cum….

She then say just tell her what position i wanna do her.. we then proceed with doggy, sideways doggy…reverse cowgirl..again her moaning were so fantabulous i almost came..she then said she’s tired and lay on the bed with ber back facing up. She told me to do whatever i wish to her while she rest awhile.

I then go on top of her and lay on her…slowly sliding my didi in between her ass to her pussy…with her meaty ass cushioning my hips while i fuck her the feeling was so confortable .. im struggling to hold my didi to cum.

since she’s the best i had, i extended another hour with her.

She asked if am i not having a good feeling as it’s been a long time i havent cum..she then pulled me to the bathroom …. told me why not we do it in here … she climbed up the basin and stretched her legs open, then told me to enter her….last 5 mins then she switch position to doggy…fucked her so wildly and finally cannot take it, i came in her..she seems not to know so i continued but after 2-3 mins she noticed ….she then showered me.

Put the money on the table and bid her goodbye with a hug.

She’s going back to her homeland in another 3 months so if you guys wanna try her out better be fast ! :D

her deep-throat is damn fantastic i almost cum!

I was boring on the weekend, so got this FL number from some posting and decided to try and ‘check out’. Contact her through WhatsApp, her df pictures appears to be a guy and i was curious and i still ask though. Turns out it to be a worth asking! we chat for awhile and she send me her real picture and others details(sorry i cant upload her picture because she is local Chinese girl and need a little privacy). We met in a hotel nearby Bukit Bintang, so i went up to the room. Damn she is one damn hot b*tch. But she is really friendly, she said to me don’t be shy and take off my cloth. She gave me a hj and bj..her deep-throat is damn fantastic i almost cum! we continue to fuck on missionary and change to dogie style.Boom! i cum all over her body…she gave me another bj after i cum and there goes again i cum for the second time. It was a short call for me then she ask if i still want to fuck her more? so i took a rest like 5 minutes and smoke together. after that she started giving me that deadly deep-throat skills again..this time, i stick in her ass..she moans like crazy but still fucking me like crazy..after few minutes i cumed again.. it was like an hour session but suppose to be two shot. so she gave me 3 because Im lucky! haha. anyway she is doing this for short time period..so i think can pass her number. if she rejects you guys then I’m sorry for you. that means she out of business. this girl always travels back to Singapore. try give a shot! sure worth it!

Very Friendly And Make Me Feel Comfy

Got this contact for quite a while, but at last decided to go for it, since I heard good about her.
Wassap, and got the deal, around evening time. Went up hotel to meet her, greeted me with sweet smile, and talked2 like old friend.

Very friendly and make me feel comfy. So after few minutes chit chats, then we start.
She undressed me and starts kissing n licking all over man. Then DFK, very nice, and her tongue was like everywhere.

After that gave me an awesome BBBJ, and then asked me whether I am ready.
This is the best part, she asked me to kneel in front of her face (she was lying down) and with the CD between her lips, puts it on to my didi, just using her mouth. That’s awesome.
1st she started with CG, and rides really well, after few minutes, I asked for doggie, Wow the ass is so nice to bang u know.

Then few minutes we go to missionary, and she was good and I think I’m gonna blow off.
I said I’m quite near, and then she asked wanna come in that position or CIM? I was feeling high in that position at that time and said, just like this. So I blew my load in her (with CD of cos), and she hugged me good. Phew. Just had to have a ciggy after that, luckily she did not mind.
Needed SM time to gather my senses back, chit chat a bit then she asked if I wanted another round. Too bad, coz I said I blew off quite a lot just now, and I think I’m exhausted, and she smiled.
Went to the toilet and wash, put my clothes back.
There a few minutes more to chill but, I had to go as i had parked my car SM place that aren’t cheap by the hour, haha.

So I said I got to go, said thanks, and gave a kiss on the lips. Very sweet and welcoming girl. Overall experience is really good.
Will I return? Definitely

The Side Dish

The Side Dish


This sex position will make your woman’s vargina feel tigher, so be careful at first, until you work out how much of your ‘little chap’ she can take. This position will feel very deep for her.

Legs Elevated

Legs Elevated


This position is especially good if you’re well endowed, the reason being that elevating her legs and bringing them together will create a tightness and a level of friction that will really send her over the edge like she’s never experience before.

The Longbow

The Longbow


To start off, have your woman lie on her back, on your bed. Have her keep her left leg straight, but have her bend her right leg at the knee.

Her right foot will be flat on the bed and her right knee will be pointing towards the ceiling.

Now that she is in the correct position, it is time for you to penetrate her. Put your right knee over her straight left leg and your left hand on her right knee. From here, it is time to give her what she wants…

The Longbow sex position puts you in a very sexually dominant position because you are on top and your woman really can’t go anywhere. You are also in control of the depth and pace of your thrusting.

This dominant position is something that your woman will love!

Female Rider

Female Rider


Similar to woman-on-top sexual position, it also allows you to be at ease with her taking charge of the process.

Being relaxed will enable you to delay ejaculation since you will be better placed to focus on controlling your arousal.

Woman On Top

Woman On Top


Taking this position during sex will help you to last longer in bed simply because it is a relaxed position for you.

You will also be under no pressure to please her since she will be the one controlling the frequency of the thrusts and depth of penetrations.