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I Felt Like In Heaven

meet kyra and kitty for 3 something at BB. when up hotel, looking at kyra (1st time with her) nice body and boobs.. big ass and boobs..without wasting time, grab kyra and DFK her and she start stroking my cock while i was lying down, pull her up against the bed wall to let her sit on my face, DATY her kaw kaw till she came. nice and juicy.. and kitty start to BJ and AR me while i was DATYing kyra.. i stop and ask kitty to lick kyra nice and juicy cunt.. i sit aside for a smoke.. looking at 2 of them licking and kissing each other is wonderful.. put on the cap, straight away attack kitty pussy.. the harder i fuck, she getting more fierce and keep sucking kyra pussy and the next thing is, she came again!! 2 times from oral..which get me even more turn on.. pull kyra aside and start fucking her sideways and kitty is busy with her boobs and my balls.. kitty suck and likc my balls till its cover with all her saliva and her touge run all over my asshole.. licking and flicking with some suction.. total heaven im in!!

continue to fuck kyra with fast and deep, pumping it really good as her ass is round and soft.. she moan like really loud and sexy too. change to doggy.. even better.. can feel my dick really hit the spot and i notice she came again.. legs and abdominal are also shacking.. than i ask her softly by her ears, ( u want harder? she reply.. yes please) this words can really make a man go super excited.. so fuck her even harder till she came.. ( 4 times she same) than was so tired.. lying down on bed.. asking both of them to BJ and AR me to make me cum!! both of them are very cooperative.. one sucking dick and rimming my asshole.. kyra lick my ass and also sucking it too.. i was like sucking my ass and making (POP) sound.. that moment i felt like in heaven.. kitty is not bad too.. she shove her head till the end of my dick.. deep throat it, the moment i felt like i m going to cum.. kyra quickly grab my dick.. coz i told her i want to cum in her mouth.. and i release all my load in her mouth while kitty is licking and grabing my balls real hard.. it was sensational .. kyra still holding my dick in her mouth and soft sucking it till my dick goes soft… my legs are shaking too… the next thing u know.. she swallow all my load!! fuck!! i have no words to describe this and kitty was complaining that she haven tasted my cum yet.. and i put them together french kissing (sort of like Cum Swapping) .. rest on bed for 15 mins.. and thats it.. end of sessions..

Damn Hot b*tch

I was boring on the weekend, so got this FL number from some posting and decided to try and ‘check out’. Contact her through whatsapp, her df pictures appears to be a guy and i was curious and i still ask though. Turns out it to be a worth asking! we chat for awhile and she send me her real picture and others details(sorry i cant upload her picture because she is local Chinese girl and need a little privacy). We met in a hotel nearby Bukit bintang, so i went up to the room. Damn she is one damn hot b*tch. But she is really friendly, she said to me dont be shy and take off my cloth. She gave me a hj and bj..her deep-throat is damn fantastic i almost cum! we continue to fuck on missionary and change to doggie style.Boom! i cum all over her body…she gave me another bj after i cum and there goes again i cum for the second time. It was a short call for me then she askif i still want to fuck her more? so i took a rest like 5 minutes and smoke together. after that she started giving me that deadly deep throat skills again..this time, i stick in her ass..she moans like crazy but still fucking me like crazy..after few minutes i cumed again.. it was like an hour session but suppose to be two shot. so she gave me 3 because im lucky! haha. anyway she is doing this for short time period..so i think can pass her number. if she rejects you guys then im sorry for you. that means she out of business. this girl always travels back to Singapore. try give a shot! sure worth it!

D Cup Titties, Very Very Nice

booked jenny today. it’s well clear with everyone that what’s advertised on their website is not what you’re gonna get exactly. with that in mind, jenny is my type in terms of face and body. not as fair as the photos u see. more NL type of skin. Nonetheless, very pretty to me.

D cup titties. very very nice. i find myself fondling and sucking on it throughout the whole session. I cant really comment on its naturalness. they are pretty firm and perky for it’s size. maybe enhanced titties?

Ass is pretty weak. Didn’t even bother doggie. was enjoying frontal view for the most part.

Pussy is pretty wet. despite my laziness in foreplay today. however.. not tied enough. didn’t go down on her as well, she seems not too keen on it. her bush is pretty wild just thought i’d tell.

Overall shes quite petite and slim. Despite that, her D cups were proportionate for her body imo.

Session was quite straight forward, SOP shower. Her BBBJ is pretty damn solid. I was already hard as fuck from it and the nipple cat licking. Suction might be lacking, but the tongue work is very very good. Returned the favor though she declined DATY.

Capped and she rode on top. she fucks really good. very hard and very animated. then i missionary her . her moan is very subtle and soft, but i like it like that. take out my didi after awhile and she start licking my nipples and stroke my didi. she go on top again, ride for awhile. then switch back to missionary to finish the mission except this time harder and faster. Blew my load, and she help take out the CD. we lie down together for awhile sweating because the room aircond is not cold although minimum temp. Either that or we exercise too hard. she help wipe my sweat which was a GFE thing to do lol. we watch tv for awhile and talk cock while i fondle and suck her titties. Didi hard again, but she took me to the shower already :(

New Experience

Well this is a new experience for me..after reading some FR from other forum, I decided to give this new port a try…called the OKT and he asked me where I got his contact..well I guess he needs to be careful with whom he deals with…I understood..so after i told him where i got his contact, he then directed me where to go…once I reached to the place, he told me to wait for someone who will come and get me as this place needs resident card to go up..then i was taken to a unit in the apartment and as i entered….there sitting on the couch was 3 gorgeous beauty greeted me with a smile and hello..then one of them introduced herself and also the other 2 and she also told me there’s another 2 girls in the room….by now my eyes already locked on my target..this gorgeous & slim girl which was smiling at me from the moment I entered the place..

so without further a due…I chose her and she took me to her room…we had a little chat..she was surprised that i could speak Thai…I do…I could speak a little thai actually…then she brought me to the bathroom where we bath together and she bath me… after that proceed back to her room and got right into it…her BJ was superb…great technique…after she conquered every part of my body, she capped me and ride me like a cowgirl hungry for sex…then came my turn to ride her…until I came…phiewww!!!! wow! another great session…

after cleaned up myself…get dress then we sat down and continued chit chatting…nice girl…friendly…she speak basic English but as i could speak Thai, she love to engage into a conversation telling me what M’sia is like and what she been doing…then its time for me make a move..paid her and she sent me to the door…i was again escorted back down by one of their caretaker…

Well as I said before, it was a new experience for me…a great one in fact…good services…OKT very accommodating…normally we go either MP, karaoke joint, Hotel rooms and even our own place..this one was well organised…thumbs up for the OKT and the girls…roger and out!

You Should Give A Try

Since my recent returned to the scene at ****** & ****** has given me the Greatest Sextifactions of all time in 2 quick sessions…Today afternoon i went to ***** on a mission to try their seductive looking SYT, no. 28 which i have been eyeing since Sunday…As i visited ****** last night to meet up with a bro there (we’ve been in contact and planned to meet but never had the chance to….) But last night was the only chance…so i went i met him there…We hang around for quite awhile last night and a couple of times, no.28 walked passed me during the mirror-ing…and gave me this seductive looks each time which had got me interested with her…But last night i wasn’t in the mood for an actions, so i just let it swept away…But not my growing interest on her…Before we left *******, i told Alen that i want to try her tomorrow and i got my wish today…

Walked in ******** at exactly 3.15pm as i had called and booked her earlier on for a 3.30pm session..couple of customers there and i met one bro which i forgotten his name as he was making his way out…One customer had already selected Ah Chen, no.20 and waiting to be served while another 3 custo are still deciding among them which is which…Alen then signalled to me asking whether i am ready to go in as she was waiting for me…but i told him i’ll be ready in a minute as i just had my late lunch and was feeling full to the throat…So i sat on the sofa with a cigarette and continued listening and watching the 3 custos still in their deep discussion…Even after much help from Alen, they still find it hard to choose who they wanna go in with…

After a few rounds of ‘I take this one, u take that one’..they finally came to a decision and finally make their way into the ‘dragon’s lair’ with their ML respectively…So i teased Alen saying all his girls are so good and made his customer ‘happy’ to choose their partner to go in…After that things went back to normal quiet and relaxing moment…Xiao Mei, no. 23 was at the counter again…She seemed to be enjoying it…So Alen just let her be..After at least Alen had a better space to handle and talked to his customers…

Then finally the time has come as i was extinguishing my cigarette, Alen asked if i’m ready and i told him…’Let’s do this!’…So he went and called no.28 out..As she emerged from behind the glass door, i locked my view on her direction. When she finally at the glass door, i immediately attracted to her appearance. Seductived smile SYT in a Dark purple Knee-length dress waiting to escort me in…She held me by my arm and escorted me in and echoed behind was Alen telling me to have a good time..She leads me to the Steam bath room which was already in a dimmed light set…The room became quite dark and we were making way blindly to settle down and get undress… She suddenly asked for my name in english..Well that’s a good start..She speaks a little bit of english…Still distracted with the way the room was lit, it soon became hilarious to us as we both were depending on each other skill to find our way in the dark…We were giggling as i was trying to find the towels in the dark while she was laughing at me…We both were actually completely naked but seemed to not able to locate our towels…After realizing that it’s getting ridiculous, I told her lit up the room a little bit.

She started with a back massage..Her massage wasn’t something to shout about but there’s still room for improvements..She could be better with a good training and if trained by a good masseuse such as Bobo, no.21 (now in *******)..Her B2B was ok…Not too bad…These also could be better with a proper training…Here comes the best part..She started with a thorough and good cleaning of my ***hole…Then she laid down behind my ass .Then She lifted up my ass up till about her face level…Then she began licking my ***hole like no one business…She really licked it good…When I say licked it good….i mean damned good ‘Deep Ass Rimming’…..She really jabbed her tongue into my ***hole….Even though it felt ticklish but the way she dipped her tongue into my ***hole…was very arousing…It felt so damned good until I told her to stop cos I just couldn’t stand it no more…

Then she positioned herself for 69 action…She began BBBJ me so hard…with balls licking, deep-throat & some deep swallowing of my rod….on the other hand I was DATY-ing her until we both so turned on and decided for the action…The FJ was good….Very good but not excellent…She could improve as well..Well you can’t get a girl who is good in everything now can you?…At least her ‘Deep Ass Rimming’ was out of this world…So guys, if you do go to ********, this ML is surely the one you should give a try….Try her!…You’ll understand what I just told you….

Good In Chit Chat, Jokes And Boobies

Went to this mp few weeks back. Arrive at 12+ am. Full of customer, waited for about an hour. Haha. But okt very good, very friendly, very details n a great sales guy. Explain about the girls in a way that u will be tempted. Hahaha. The place is not really big, not really that great. The turn off point is they only use curtains as devider.. So u can hear the ml chatting and others moaning… Instead of real bed, there is only mattress. But the okt said going to renovate real soon.. But dunno when..

Stock mostly are popiah. But last time i check they have balso n mongolia.. After parading a few girls i choose amy because dont want to wait for another round because it is a bz day, after all amy have the biggest boobs. Went to the room change to towels then shower. Normal sop on showering ramas2 here n there.

Amy is a very talkative girl, can speak english, viet and little bit malay. She talks a lot, kinda funny. And jokes a lot! So it was fun. First she massages me, climb on my back then massage with legs. Quite a good massage after an hour waiting for turn.. Then wipe my back using towel after that apply some bedak at my back then b2b, her boob is big, pointy nipple. Catbath and all. Then she said turn around she want to eat me.

Bbbj and ar. Great. Then she give me 3 option, how to cum, hj, bj or fj. I said fj, after that she kinda scream, ‘kongkek’. Hahaha it was funny, i can heard other ml laughing outside. Bbbj some more then she capped me then cowgirl. Change position a few times, dfk, ass tapping then cannot take it, finally release.

After that shower, kisses and all. Then say goodbye.

Amy is good, if u like to chit chat, jokes and boobies. Massage also great. Fj also not that bad. No faking.

Her Eyes Really Nice, My Cup Of Tea

She is from China

BBBJ: really nice. i told her no need to BJ but she, well sensually, do it. really nice. she licked it rather then suck it. really like it. on top of that, the way she looked at me really ichi bun. the BJ was very long. longer than what i experienced b4. omg. really in heaven. the fore play was really good. wait. the FJ was even better

FJ: started with she on top, but changed to missionary. wow din feel like ML with a WL. more like with ur lover. FK, whole her hands, etc

GFE: very good, like ur lover. talked abt her things. and her eyes really nice really my cup of tea for single like me. those married men might not find her attractive.

Satisfy With Her Service

Last week was at setapak area doing something. While waiting for things done suddenly this OKT came into my mind. Ring her up n she said there’s 3 tomyam available. Straight went to her condo to mirror. All looks acceptable to me except one of them a bit short. Choose one of them then the game start.

Firstly, she bath with me slowly and gently cleaning every inch of me. Then I lay on bed n she cb me from head to toe while my hand explore every part of her. Boob not that big but quite firm with pinkish nipples. Nice to see nice to suck too. Fussy with nicely shaven hair…..she moan while I play with it, even louder when I insert my finger into it…..

She gave me a nice bj…suck n lick both my ball bearings for 10 minutes. Then she capped me n ride on me for 5 minutes. Can feel her fussy kinda warm inside. Then change to missionary n I bang her till I cum.

Overall, am satisfy wit her service n will try the other 2 asap when free.

My first Time

My first one, got her contact through a friend. Set an appointment. Met her at her apartment in Setapak.

When first arrive at her house, I’m quite surprise it turn out to be milf. Since this is my first time, then just get into her house. have a quick chit chat before went into her room. take off my shirt (fully naked) and she start with massaging me. She gave a very good massage especially when come to urut batin. Almost cum when she urut my didi. But she well trained to urut batin. love it.

Then after finish with urut batin, she do BBBJ. but she is not a good sucker. no deep throat and doesn’t really enjoy that moment. after that i quickly asked her for DATY. Clean and no KY. licked her and she moaning like crazy and it is real.. and the water that came out from her pussy.. A LOT.. and she really love DATY. during this session, she cum twice, and the water that come out very very soupy. fuhh.. then she keep asking me, faster go in… hehehe, but i keep licking her ass.

Once I saw her cannot take it, a put on CD, then i start FJ her.. moaning like crazy.. fuck her for 15 minutes, she cum during this time before i cum.

I have went to her house for a couple of time after that because i love to DATY her… so wet.. not so much on FJ (FJ just to get cum). I have done unlimited FJ with her

Super Nice GFE

Hey bro, kinda try this chick last night. Been trying to get her for a while coz busy with final exam and so on. A chat mate intro us and was surprise to hear she was doing this part-time to get some pocket money.

Pick her up at her place n head back to the hotel which have booked earlier. Yes I have planned very detail for this meeting. She quite the hottie! holding hand all the way to the room. started with some light kisses. she looks very inexperience but her lips was so warm n soft. super nice. GFE was great, hugs n caressing before the action starts. my hands n didi cannot take it already, then i start undressing her.. she told she like slowly so bro’s that r rushing might got a sudden mood change lor. soft kissing and undressing begins. ass n boobs kinda small but just nice for her slim body. head to shower then abit of action in the bathroom where she grabbed my didi and started to BBBJ on it. it was ok but the way she do it makes me more horny lar.. she do it n started looking at u.. DEM hot man.. with those big eyes of her’s.
after a while i xtahan n straight ask for a doggie. did it in front of the bath room mirror start to pump. she’s already wet!! ask her if she put ky earlier she said no. she said she’s very sensitive. pump her and her pussy is tight bro and her juice is literally dripping. she looks like being raped or something in the mirror but Super HOT! best doggie i had so far.

move to the bed and cont wit cowgirl. the a few other position. but she’s not so experience yet. did a missionary and unload on her tummy then clean up. she doesn’t do CIM n CAS so a bit down lor.. chit chat and cont again. another doggie coz she said she liked it. Moaning yes but very slow lar.. she’s kinda holding it that’s why looking being rape every time I FJ her.. but kinda cute and hot at the same time.. haha..

after all the action went down for supper then send her home.. had a nice DFK in the car n she said she’s horny again but too tired dy.